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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of labels do you supply? We are able to supply adhesive labels in all formats, rolls, sheets, fan folded and cut singles.

Do you supply plain and printed labels? Yes we offer both printed and plain labels in all the above formats.

What is your minimum quantity? We will produce one printed label for you if that is what you require. The introduction of digital printing has offered us the ability to supply very high quality labels in very small quantities at commercially acceptable prices.

How many colours can you print? We are able to offer up to 9 colours on one label.

What adhesive do you offer? We have numerous adhesive options available to suit your application. These fall into 4 main categories of permanent, peel able / removable, freezer or water soluble. We will ensure we supply the right adhesive for your needs. We are able to offer you samples to evaluate prior to production.

Do I need artwork? Artwork will be needed in order to make printing plates or digital files, if you don't have artwork we can prepare this for you and submit it to you prior to print for your approval.

How quick can I have my labels? Delivery times vary greatly depending on our workload at the time. Our standard delivery is 7 - 10 working days from artwork approval. Demands inevitable mean we have to produce jobs a lot quicker on occasions; sometimes in hours. Call us about your needs and we will do our best to meet your timescales, FREEPHONE 0500 50 33 50

Do you supply other materials than paper? We offer a comprehensive range of adhesive material options; paper, PE, PP, PVC, Polyester, Polycarbonate, Satin Rayon are all held in stock.

Do you supply window stickers? Yes we offer a comprehensive solution to all large format print requirements, window stickers and POS material.

Can you supply integrated forms and labels? Yes this is large part of our business as a result of the explosion in online shopping. We supply a whole range of integrated options into A5, A4 and A3 sheets.

Can you supply printed laser labels? Yes we can supply sheets printed both back and front in all the common label sheet sizes, A5, A4 and A3. All of our sheet materials are laser compatible.

What is this cutter charge? In order for us to manufacture a label we need a label cutter, wherever possible we try to use a cutter that we have in stock, if you need a specific sized label we need to make a cutter. Part cost of this cutter will be charged and detailed in your quotation. This is a one off cost to you.

I've had problems in getting labels to stick to my products from others suppliers: We would advise you to test our materials prior to getting labels made, that way you can be confident our material will meet your needs.

Do you supply thermal labels? Yes we do supply both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. The most important thing is to establish whether you need direct or thermal transfer labels. If you use a ribbon to print the image on the label that is thermal transfer. If you print directly onto the paper without a ribbon that is direct thermal. Various material options are available please discuss this with our sales team; some materials will be better suited to certain applications.

What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer? If you require the printed image to last more than 6 months then you will need to use a ribbon to print the image as direct thermal labels fade over time. Direct thermal labels are heat sensitive and so using them on a product that is exposed to heat will turn the labels black and therefore useless. Direct thermal is also sensitive to UV and so labels that will be placed in sunlight will fade QUICKLY.

Where do I get ribbons? We supply ribbons for most machines available in the UK, talk to our sales team and we will advise you on the ribbon you need.

Can you supply barcode labels? Yes, we supply barcoded labels with a static number or sequentially barcoded if required. These labels are verified to ensure they scan prior to despatch. We supply all types of barcodes EAN 8 and 13, ITF, Code 39, etc.

Can you supply variable print? We are able to offer a full digital variable print service. This might be personalised mailings, billing and fulfilment. All production is backed up with IS9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 accreditations.